• I took my 2007 Mini-S in to MinTech for routine and specialty service work and have had fantastic results. I got in and out at the specified times that I had requested and the work was performed by a capable and qualified Mini factory trained technician. My wife and I went to the Grand Opening and a Pirate Coast Coopers outing at the shop and found Alan, Ruth and Keith to be really good people. When I deal with them they make me feel very comfortable; caring about me and my Mini. I definitely would refer and recommend other Mini owners to them.

    -- Rich L.
    Naples, FL
  • Alan and Ruth, Thanks so much for all your kindness, professionalism, and care in servicing Ms. Min. Both Russ and I LOVE MinTech and will certainly return for great service and fun. We were impressed that, when you looked at the car, you took a conservative approach and didn't immediately suggest the most expensive alternative. The work was done well and on time. Thanks so much for your help (Ms. Min says "Vroom, Vroom, I love MinTech")

    -- Cynthia H.
    Naples, FL
  • Alan & Ruth Williams I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service and professionalism MinTech has provided. I highly recommend MinTech Mini Cooper repair and service to everyone that owns a Mini Cooper. MinTech treats their customer's coopers like they were their own. Fantastic people and fantastic economical service. Thank you again for the wonderful service provided.

    -- Bob B.
    2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible
    A very satisfied customer!!!
  • Thank goodness for MinTech! They have been so helpful - their customer service and expertise truly exceed expectations. Alan always takes the time to explain to me the service needs of my MINI so that I fully understand what's going on. It's obvious that he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to MINI vehicles so I always feel comfortable trusting his advice when it comes to my car.

    -- Michelle, Naples
    2010 MINI Cooper
  • MinTech always seem able to handle my service and maintenance needs in a flexible manner - even to the point of staying late outside of normal business hours to accommodate my own work schedule. This kind of excellent customer service is why I continue to take my car to MinTech exclusively.

    -- Michelle & Jeff A., Naples
    2010 MINI Cooper
  • Nobody knows MINIs like MinTech and their custom shop is quite impressive. I always recommend them to my MINI friends. Considering that the nearest MINI dealership is over 30 minutes away, it's nice to know with confidence that there is a true and trustworthy expert right here in Naples. Thanks again MINTech for taking such good care of my car!

    -- Jeff A., Naples
    2012 MINI Cooper
  • It was a dark and stormy night, when I fired up our MINI. I heard a noise that struck fear into my tinfoil heart. "Oh no, I said, in a quavering voice, is that the trans making a sound like a grist mill run amuck... or like an airboat sliding down I-75; either way it was NOISY. With noshing of teeth, wrenching of hands and wails of anguish that I dragged myself slowly toward the phone to (pause for dramatic effect & to let the screams subside) call "THE DEALER". In the depths of despair, a knight in shining armor appeared with a letter from MinTech. (Ok, Ok so my mailman's name is Randy Knight, and the MinTech letter was kinda shining). Anyway, I went all the way from Fort Myers to Naples (No passport required) for service and met Alan of MinTech, with a very friendly, knowledgeable staff & a first rate clean (you could almost eat off the floor) well equipped shop and very helpful... Alan & Keith spent a considerable amount of time making sure the problem was indeed the trans. (My complete guess & their expert advises) & they fixed it, with a minimum of cost to me. I was so pleased with their professionalism and fair pricing. I no longer start my MINI on dark and stormy nights, but if I do and find some heart stopping noise I'm going to Mintech...Let's hear it! Gonna go to MinTech!

    -- Jim S
    Ft. Myers, FL.
  • The team at MinTech is always so cheerful and friendly. Ruth always finds a way to get me in and out as quickly as possible. She makes the scheduling, paperwork and check out processes short and sweet - allowing me to get back to my normal routine as fast as possible.

    -- Libby, Bonita Springs
    2012 MINI Cooper